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Always good for a surprise: Edelweiss ® stores are those innovative and upscale gift shops, which turn your shopping trip into a special experience. Our aim is to always inspire our clients and customers on the new of our quality and exclusivity.

Therefor we have developed five guiding principles which represent our philosophy : Edelweiss ® stores are always new, inspiring, high-quality, competent and personally. Our articles are always functional, exclusive, of high quality and yet affordable.

Since the opening of the first shop at Zurich airport, we have grown steadily, but moderate and healthy. Thus, in now 8 branches, we set standards in the souvenir world. You find us in all large tourism regions around Switzerland at the best addresses.

Edelweiss ® stores adresse to everyone who values excellent quality, aesthetics and innovations. Our stores provide quality of life, passion, pleasure and emotion.

In short: Savoir vivre. The high-quality product range focuses on clothing, watches, toys, as well as classic souvenir articles. Self developed in-house brands like Alpine Club ®, Swiss military and Milky family® are getting supplemented by a top brand mix of carefully selected exclusivities and specialties. We are celebrating our products in a bright but yet cozy atmosphere.

In our stores you will find a wide range to suit all tastes. Just join us and get inspired!


Témoignage 1

temoignage Mrs. J. Sörensen aus Göteborg

Luckily, I am here without my children today. Otherwise I would have had trouble to keep each of them away from the big toy Department! This giant range is amazing. Everyone will find something here. For themselves or to give it away as a present.

Mrs. J. Sörensen aus Göteborg


Témoignage 2

temoignage family A. Malik from Karachim

We have discovered this shop only by chance and thought it was just another souvenir shop, but it's not. With its bright, spacious interiors, it differs significantly from others. A beautiful place, and thanks to the air-condition you even feel comfortable here during hot days.

family A. Malik from Karachim


Témoignage 3

temoignage The Asali sisters from Germany

If we are looking for souvenirs and postcards from Zurich, we only buy them here. It's so much fun to explore the range and each time when we get here, there is something new. For example this new milky family child watch, something we were looking for since a long time . We love this place.

The Asali sisters from Germany


Témoignage 4

temoignage family P. Levrat aus Genéve

We love to spend our camping holidays in Interlaken. And a visit of the Edelweiss Shop is simply part of it. We always find something that we could well use on our holiday or, as the T-Shirts that we just bought, something, that we can take home as a beautiful memory.

family P. Levrat aus Genéve


Témoignage 5

temoignage family H.Lee from Hongkong

A stop at the Edelweiss Shop is earmarked for each year. We buy almost all our souvenirs here. My man is thrilled by the Swiss military products and has fulfilled himself a long-cherished desire today by buying himself a backpack.

family H.Lee from Hongkong


Témoignage 6

temoignage Simon Rawney and his son from London

In the past we were rushing from one shop to another until finally everyone had found his perfect memory of the holiday. Until we luckily and finally discovered the Edelweiss shop. It's shopping fun for the whole family, and by this huge selection we can be sure, that everyone will find something suitable.

Simon Rawney and his son from London


Témoignage 7

temoignage R. Douglas, Florida

Friends have recommended the Edelweiss shop to me and I am pleasantly surprised. The magic begins when you come in. You realize, that the upscale interior design with the bright, homely ambience is not to compare with other gift shops. I have never been as relaxed and comfortable while shopping. I will certainly recommend the shop.

R. Douglas, Florida


Témoignage 8

temoignage Mr. L. Sawhney from Delhi

I'm a big fan of the Alpine Club articles and I have ordered several products at the online shop already. This was very convenient, because I could do it from home. But still it was a great joy to be able to look at the articles. A visit is already scheduled for next year.

Mr. L. Sawhney from Delhi